Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lateral Work

One of the things I've really been trying to work on with Bailey is his lateral work.  When I first started riding him, his experience with lateral movements was limited, and not too pretty.  He was resistant, rushy, and constantly bulging through his shoulders.  Recently, I started placing a little more priority on it.  I'd worked through a lot of his bigger, more basic (like getting him into a deeper, better balanced frame, and not having hissy-fits when I picked up some contact) and we are still slaving away at our canter-trots, so I wanted something slightly less difficult and muscle-using (ouch, core muscles!) so we began focusing on his lateral work.  He's gotten a lot better; Last Wednesday, he was being a real arse, so I picked up a dressage whip and boom, I got a different horse! A really forward and rushy horse!  We worked through it, and we got some AWESOME leg yields at both the walk, and even at the trot!  More lateral work @ the trot tonight.  Yay!  I'd like to post some videos from like a month or so ago and then some from tonight (if all goes well) so that I can do a leg yield comparison.  We'll see.  Currently I can't find my camera charger, so...

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