Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It was c-c-c-c-c-c-cold! today.  (ha ha, I wonder if anybody will get that joke.  Hope I have the right number of C's...) Despite that, Bailey and I braved the -11 to -13 degree temperatures ( 12 to 8 degrees farenheight) along with the only other rider who was brave enough to come out.  I tell ya, as much as I don't like heated barns and arenas for the horses' sakes, I sure as heck wouldn't have complained today.  None the less, we forged onwards and had a great ride!  Our lateral work is improving a lot.  I'll have to do a video comparison some time... and his canter-trot transitions were better.  Yay for improvement!  When I got home, I was randomly inspired to make a bit warmer.  I found the perfect material, and sewed up a really nifty little one that works super well!  It stays hot for 15 minutes, which is way more than I need.  Pretty cool for something made out of the minimal supply of things I had in my kitchen cupbord.  I also added cloves for scent.  I'll post a pic of that as well, once I find my camera charger so my camera will stop being so dead.  In regards to the barn search yesterday, my mom and I visited three different barns.  She didn't like the 1st, didn't see the second, and preffreed the 3rd over the 1st.  I liked the 2nd the best, except for the fact that they have tiny fields.  Oh, and they're also full.  Anyhow, I didn't mind the 1st, but I didn't like the 3rd.  We'll have to re-visit them.


  1. Are you taking one or both of the horses with you? (I just started reading your blog so I am not up to speed on how much control you have over these horses.) Just curious.