Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jumping Lesson

So Bailey and I had our first jumping lesson in a long time yesterday.  It was a lot of fun, but we both need some work.  After warming up, a 3' oxer was set up on one side, and a 2'6 (i don't know about that one...) vertical on the other.  We started off to the left... and failed.  Bailey's max height is about 3', so I think we had this unanimous unspoken agreement that if one of us did something wrong, the other would jump well and vice versa.  Anyhow, we switched to the right withthe intention of just leaving the oxer, and ending on a good note, when he found some long lost energy store.  Thankfully our best jump of the day (over the oxer) was caught on video!  Yikes... my position needs some work.  To my credit, it was the first time I'd jumped in well over a month and a half.  Plus, I was concentrating mostly on actually getting Bales over.  Ah well, it was fun!

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  1. He looks great Kate I am so proud of you and him!