Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back on Track

Cadence seems a lot less reactive, and overall her back's looking pretty good!  So my plan is to attempt a ride today if all goes well.  It'll just be bareback, and will probably be mainly walk, but its better than nothing.  She's been off for a week and a half, & in spite of her near daily work the lack of actual riding is starting to tell.  Either way, overall once the saddle's re-flocked & fitted (scheduled for Tues 6th) we should be back on track... after a little rehab time.
Speaking of back on track, I was lucky enough to pick up one of their dressage pads for a mere $50cad, taxes in!  For a product that's normally over $100 with taxes, I'm thrilled.  My friend bought one of their dressage pads for her mare and she HASN'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT SINCE!  So when the opportunity arose to get a brand new never used never worn BOT dressage pad for half price... I pounced on it.  Even though we don't generally have any issues with her back, it can't hurt.  Especially in these cold winter months.

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