Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feelin It Again

I have to admit, with Cadence off and being all crabby and such, its left a major dent in my enthusiasm.  The weather's been awful (you know that tornado from down Kentucky way?  We got the tail end of it.) and while riding Miss L is fun... she's no Cadence.  I was also a little sad for silly reasons- a friend of my coach's asked her to sell off his remaining horses due to his failing health.  One was a gorgeous little KWPN filly with impeccable Dutch and German bloodlines.  Though only a year and a half old, when this filly moves you notice.  Her price was great, her temperament better, and her face... well it reminded me a lot of Launa, which led to a sentimental attachment (just as a side note, Launa has been sold and moves this week.  Also terribly sad) to her.  Being so spectacular and priced extremely low, she sold in a heart beat.  But it was quite difficult for me to see her go; I'd fallen hard for that filly.  She too will be gone by the end of the week.  Such is the nature of the business though... not that it makes it any easier!

But today the sky was blue, Cadence's saddle fitting went quite well (hope at last!) and Miss L and I had a wonderful ride!  My spring fever is back, and although I'll be away for a week (Ireland, here I come) my saddle will be done and hopefully my horse will be better and winter will have passed upon my return.  With this more cheerful outlook, I eagerly await spring and the trials and tribulations that will come along with this next competition season!

A couple of things I should have mentioned:
1- Miss L's owner will require surgery and will be out of the saddle till June.  Don't know what this means for my gig with Miss L, but we'll worry about that once I'm home from my holiday.
2- The saddle fitter could not have been more complimentary of Cadence, in spite of our... less than stellar preformance.  I'll try to write up a report on the fitting tomorrow.

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