Monday, February 27, 2012

We All Fall Down

Cadence was looking a lot better after her massage.  So yesterday I lunged her, the EMT showed us a few fun stretches, and we headed out for a hike.  Cadence walked (and trotted) calmly (well... only half-crazed) along side me as she, my dog, and I tackled the semi-frozen trails in the forest behind our barn.  It was a lot of fun, an I was impressed with how well behaved the Mare Face was.  But luck and I aren't on speaking t erms right now so just as we were about to re-enter the barn Cadence decided that the trailer parked at the edge of our little parking lot was terrifying.  Naturally... I mean we've never seen a trailer before or anything like that, so of course  its absolutely terrifying.  Anyhow, we walked up to it, and I hopped onto the little ledge on the side to show her it really wasn't going to eat me.  She seemed to get the point, and once she relaxed I hopped back down again.
Now, I guess Cadence had moved on and was looking the other way/not paying attention or something, because when I got down from the little ledge/step thingy she jumped backwards.  This landed her squarely on the thoroughly water-logged lawn, which in turn caused her to slip and fall onto her left hind hip and side.  She sprung up right away, and aside from re-affirming her fear of this particular trailer, all seemed to be well.
Later on that night, I got a call from our BO.  Cadence was in a lot of pain, and although she wasn't colicing or anything she felt that the vet should be called to administer some banamine & check her over.  I assented, and said I'd be on my way ASAP.  I got there just a few moments before the vet, and when I arrived she was lying on the ground rolling in pain.  She presented like a colic, but had normal gut sounds, was not acting like it was her stomach  that was in pain, and had defecated recently.
The vet that was on call that evening was one whom I'm not particularly fond of, & her actions last night only reaffirmed those feelings.  Can someone explain to me why you'd do a rectal and check for an impaction on a mare that's defecating normally, has gut noises on both sides, and has a clear reason for being in pain?  Either way, she gave her the banamine & something for her 'colic' (which was non-existent if you ask me) and was on her way.  I can't wait to get the bill for that one.

In other less depressing news, I have some pics of Miss L.  Please excuse my attire, & hot pink camo boots.  Its cold, & they're warm... even if they are ugly.
 Lovin' the lope... look at that collection!


  1. Aww, poor Cadence. Betcha that bill's gonna smart. Great photos though.

  2. Poor candence. It sucks when you don't get along with vets! I had a super vet, that I absolutely loved and agreed with on everything, but then I moved away =(

    One other vet I had I did not like at all. I had a fair idea of what was wrong with my horse, he said it was something else, I got a second opinion and I was right. Plus, he didn't listen to me at all. He insisted on doing flex tests even though I had previous x-rays done and knew what and where the problem was >=@
    Hope your vet bill isn't too huge!

    I looked at that first pic and instantly thought "collected!" Nice pics!