Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Backs, Bucks, Etc.

After the Mare's massage, she was a little touchy in the spots that her masseuse (lol) really worked on.  However, once I hopped on I noticed an immediate difference.  Not a single buck as we trotted around both directions.  Her arena behaviour was good, but she was still forward enough for it to be mildly irritating.  Keep in mind I really like a forward horse.  I just don't like an unresponsive one.  So we moved out side and did some work going up and down two little hills on our property.  We walked & trotted up and down them, using the grass as incentive to really stretch in the trot.  Best trot work yet!
Then came Tuesday's ride.  I erm... may or may not have required a shank to simply walk my horse into the arena.  Apparently bits in mouths mean nothing to Cadence, and walk is not actually a gait either.  Nice try mare, but you WILL walk.  So with that being the precursor to our ride, you can imagine how the rest of it went.  We'd walk for a bit, but only a bit because then we'd start jigging, prancing, trotting, rushing, grabbing, etc.  She tried to be good, but was on energy overload.  Funnily enough, she was a total angel and trotted around calmly as the new boarder & her father drove out of the parking lot. Show off.
I'd like to ride tomorrow, but I have an allergy test in the morning & am feeling a little nauseous tonight anyway.  Hopefully I'm not getting sick, and fingers crossed the allergy test goes well!

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