Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back Into the Groove

I returned home from my little trip Sunday, and hit the ground running.  Unfortunately a weeks long vacation means there's a week of work I need to catch up on.  The weather here's also sent me into  a bit of a shock.  I left Ireland's cool grey dampness and returned home to stinking hot humidity.  It's a staggering 77 degrees here today, with a humidex in the high 80's.  In March!  Last year around this time we were buried in a snow storm.
On the pony front, Cadence was lunged twice for me while I was away, & her back seems much better.  Hopefully today I'll hop on her & we can walk around.  I don't know... we'll see.  I don't want to push it if she's not ready, but at the same time I really want her to be back in work.  It really boils down to how she reacts.  So as I said before, we'll see.
Miss L's rider's back in the saddle, but she's asked me to stay on riding her on a once a week basis to keep her training in place.  While the offer's flattering, its still not a paid position & I'm worried about burning myself out.  I've agreed for the time being, but Miss L moves to a new barn in April so dep. on the loc. and quality of the facilities (only one SMALL outdoor ring) it may not be worth my time.  I do enjoy riding her though...

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