Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wow, it's snowing

Yuck.  The worst part? I haven't even ridden yet.  Ewwww!  Anywho, I rode Wednesday then came home and crashed.  Thursday I had to attend a thingy for my younger brother.  Fun, but I'm not too fond of getting dressed up and smiling a lot when I feel like crap, and look like Rudolf.  Friday we attempted to utilize the roundpen... but it has grass footing.  The footing was dry, but she kept trying to eat it.  Her old owner/breeder had a reputation for going XC with grass hanging out of her horse's mouth... and apparently her lack of grass restraint has been drilled into Cadence's head.  She doesn't get that every time she sees that glorious green stuff she can't just eat.  Grrrr... another habit to break.  Our actual ride went pretty well, she was just having a little trouble maintaining a relaxed swingy trot.  She may be a TB, but she sure likes to try and embrace her inner Standardbred.  She was also a little resistant to come onto the bit.  Yesterday however, she was awesomeness personified.  Well, I suppose personified isn't the right word, but horseonified doesn't have that same ring to it ;)  Either way, her canter was fantastic.  I need to remember to completely give my inside rein when we're going into canter, and not take too much on the outside.  It's hard, since now when we head towards the wall she's like Oh My God!! WE'RE GOING TO CANTERRRRRR!  Yeah.  We then proceed to do lots of serpentines, at the trot.  She hates that :P  Anyhow, her actual canter's gotten really beautiful!  She can sure pack a lot of punch into one stride, but we've re-slowed the stride down so it's a lot more relaxed.  The only bad thing (save the serpentines) was our attempt at doing center lines.  Even her trot stretches were better than the center lines!  She apparently doesn't think its worth halting if you're only going to trot off again. Silly mare.  We quita fter one good one.
Sorry for this rambling mess of a post...

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  1. It hasn't snowed here since Thursday. :-(
    I think if she has a reputation of going xc with grass hanging out of her mouth you need to dye her, or paint socks on or something to disguise her. lol