Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We're on Youtube!

Cadence now has her own YouTube channel, since I got sick of attempting to upload videos directly to the blog.  It takes forever!
On another note, Badminton still doesn't have their ride times up yet.  Rolex does, but Badminton doesn't and it starts in two days!  I'm also not 100% sure about live streaming the event either, but luckily for me I'm off good Friday till Easter Monday.  The only bad thing is that at 10am in the uk, it'll be 5am in Canada.  Here's hoping that none of my riders'll be going in the am!  Speaking of riders, all my faves will be at Badminton!  Selena O'Hanlon and Colombo will be there, along with Stephanie Rhodes-Bosche and Port Authority.  Unfortunately, my favourite pony (Henry Jota Hampton) will be missing.  I fall in love with Henny because of his big ears.  Sort of pathetic, I know but he's still my favourite!  Plus, I always love rooting for the underdog :)  Anywho, Badminton this year is going to be phenomenal.  The field is fantastic, and the course looks great!  I can't wait to see how the Canadians fare across the pond :)  We wish our whole team luck from the great white north... even if they have been down south all winter -_-

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  1. Cool! Can you put a link on your page for later on?
    Nina has a one too..... unfortunately I don't have anything good to put on it...yet.