Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sick,.... Again

Mehh, I feel a little like going on a why me rant, but I think I'll refrain.  Brief synopsis:  I started to feel off (sore throat/runny nose/sneezing) Sunday.  I'd had the traditional signs of an oncoming cold since Thursday, but chose to ignore them.  Bad decision.  Monday and Tuesday were spent bedridden.  Thankfully, our BO saved my butt and lunged my horse for me.  I'm back with a little fever this morning, a cough, and a rudolf-esque nose.  Not too much to deal with.  Two days was the max my school work could wait, with midterm nearly upon me and Rolex looming in the not so distant (YAY!!) future. 
Cadence's old owner came down Sat to watch my lesson.  It was nice to chat with her, and she offered to groom for horse shows over the summer.  Score!  Sunday the mare and I jumped.  She doesn't respect jumps under like 2'6 at all, so we worked a little on that.  Her ability to canter jumps is improving, so courses will be in her near and foreseeable future!  My coach is pleased with her canter transitions, both up and down.  I think the canter itself needs to be a little more settled, but we'll see how it goes.  These things come with time, I suppose.
Saturday my coach is coming over for dinner, so horse show planning will also occur!  I can't wait to see how she'll react to the whole showing environment.  That and XC schooling, but we have to wait for things to dry up.  It's hard to believe we just got rid of the snow, it's sunny and 48 today!  While some may think that's chilly, I've been walking around in a tee all day.
I'm off to ride the mare now. I'll (hopefully) try to update tonight, but a nice warm bed may win the war in the end.

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