Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Post Before Rolex!

Tomorrow after school I'll head out to the barn, then leave for Kentucky!  Can't wait!  I really have to get my ! usage under control.  Anyhow, Cadence and I had another jumping lesson today on which we worked on the harder less fun more frustrating side of her jumping right now: cantering fences sans placing poles.  Two cross-rails on a circle.  Easy, right?  Not for my little 5 y/o ball of fire.  First she decides that she'd take what she learned yesterday and jump the one x like it had a big scary barrel under it.  Then she decided to continue along on that train of though, and just not go over it.  Grrrr!  I picked up a whip after her third run out, and didn't let it happen again.  however, I really had to ride every. single. damn. fence.  That's something that I don't like doing, and am not very good at.  However, I suppose now's the time to start.  Anyhow, my coach'll ride her twice whilst I'm down in Kentucky (partially so she can ride in the Childeric :P) and sort out her canter o/f.  Oh, I forgot to add that when we did jump 'em, she plowed over the fences.  No respect, running right through me, and barely lifting her feet even @ 2'6.  That's why we never should have showed her that there were bigger more exciting fences out there... what's done is done I suppose.

I didn't have any nice pics of Cadence being ridden... and I still don't.  These are just screen shots from our youtube vid.  However, at least it's a picture.  Or 4.  The standards look really small in the pics... however, today I walked past them today and realized they were up to my shoulders.  I was impressed, because at 5'9 my shoulders are sorta high up!

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