Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Saddle Saga: The End

Well, great news on the saddle front.  The lady who owned the Childeric dropped her price, so I am now the
[CON119 16.5 FM 2.5C Childeric] proud owner of not one, not two, but three saddles.  Wow, my babies are spoiled.  Cadence has her dressage saddle and her jumping saddle, and Arty's got his pancake.  It may not be comfy, but it's made to last.

Cadence and I had a lesson today that went really well.  Her upwards canter transitions are a lot better now, so my coach has us working on the movements in the training tests.  I can't wait until she's show ready, she'll be a riot.  I suppose I'm even more excited about taking her out to school XC.  She's such a fantastic jumper...ah well.  We still have a lot to do before then, like learn to jump scary jumps. 
On another note entirely, if anyone has an iPod touch, or an iPhone, download the Badminton app.  It's cool, and its free!  All of my favourite Canadians are riding there this year, so we'll miss them at Rolex.  Ah well, I'll just move to England.  Problem solved!


  1. I have no idea why the formatting of this is so wonky, it looked fine when I typed it out...

  2. Congrats on the nice saddle, very nice.

  3. Looks like a lovely, well balanced saddle, and well cared for too:) Congrats!