Friday, February 10, 2012

Having Fun Hacking

The weather over the past week or so has been beautiful.  By beautiful, I mean hovering around freezing... whichi s beautiful for February in Canada!  Cadence and I have taken full advantage of this, and have enjoyed two fun filled hacks. The ground is almost totally frozen, which creates good footing because its mostly solid but there's still some give.
We went on the first hack by ourselves and Cadence was a superstar, as usual.  We made our way past the scary blowing white tarp without too much issue, and did some dressage in a little slopey meadow, where cadence tried to convince me that cantering up and down the hills was the only way to go.  No such luck mare.  From there, we headed into the forest and (accidentally) did some off roading!  Once again, I was impressed with my gall's awesomeness.  We finished by doing some more dressage infront of the cars parked in the lot, since she randomly decided that they were terrifying.  I wasn't having any of that, so we rode around them till we settled down and began listening.
Then ext hack we dragged Launa (and her leaser) along with us and had an awesome ride.  Cadence seeme to feed off of Launa's spookiness a bit, but settled enough to calm Launa down.  We lead and followed, and had quite a fun sunset ride.  It was cold though!  That was the last day of our nice weather.  Now it's well below freezzing, and tomorrow's supposed to be nicely below zero (-4) so I get to go freeze my butt off riding horses outside.  Eww.
On a positive note, Cadence and I have our first jumping lesson tomorrow.  Her cold seems to be on its way out, and she's been feeling fantastic fitness wise!

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  1. Can't wait until I can get out to hack as well. We call it trail riding in the states but I like hack better:) Our February is starting to warm up, then March is gonna come roaring back with winter. Glad to hear Cadence is on the mend.