Thursday, February 16, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

This post was supposed to be up on valentines day... but apparently I missed the Publish Post button.
Valentines day, while symbolic of love and an internationally recognized holiday (even though we don't actually get a holiday for it... which isn't really fair.  If they're going to make a big deal about something the least they can do is let you have the day off) has other more important meanings- it was on valentines day in 2011 that Cadence oficially became mine.  Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'will you be mine?'  Anywho, to celebrate I stuffed her face full of apples and carrots and gave her the day off. 
In other news, Miss L has turned out to be a lot of fun.  Apparently, I have her going more like a dressage horse versus western pleasure, but she collects beautifully and sits down into a nice comfy jog without much effort at all.  Her transitions (up and down) are really improving too.  When I started riding her, her upwards transitions were nearly impossible to crank out, and were not the light and jumpy transitions I'm used to.  Down, she tended to fall through them & when  you asked for a canter- trot transition she'd fall right into a walk.  Now she moves off my leg nicely, and her canter trot transitions are smooth and flowing.  Its lovely!  I tried to get a video, but it failed miserably.  Perhaps next time?

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