Sunday, February 26, 2012

Massage Therapy

I'm very lucky to have a fantastic EMT (SM) who boards her & her boyfriend's horse with my mare (actually their horse is the one who kicked Cadence and led to all the fun with her leg... but after spending two hours massaging my mare yesterday all is most definitely forgiven.  My bank account doesn't feel the same way, but since when does debt ever feel good?  And once the saddle fitter comes I'm sure it won't be feeling any better.  I'm just waiting with baited breath for the day someone tells me my card's been declined.
Anywho, SM worked on Cadence for a long time yesterday and we hopefully worked out some of the sore spots.  She took body shots and labelled the sore areas & sent the pics to me.  Quite handy.  She also wrote out a full report, which has essentially saved me a full blog post!  Thanks, S!
Read on for report and pics.

February 25, 2012

Massage Assessment: extremely reactive bilaterally in thoracic trapezius muscles; reactive bilaterally along longissimus dorsi and through lumbosacral region – slightly more reactive on right side; point of interest present in right middle gluteal muscle

Massage Session: full body massage applied; extensive work biaterally in thoracic trapezius (non-reactive at completion of massage); extensive palmer kneading and modified wringing along longissimus dorsi and into middle gluteal (through L-S region) – deep compressions applied to point of interest in middle gluteal on right (remained reactive post-massage, but decreased); kneading extensively throughout poll region; slight discomfort to massage of ascending pectorals (between forelegs) possible due to extension work (not present on pictures due to location)

Applied heavy liniment with arnica post massage.

Recommendations: Suggest carrot stretches, back stretches (raise/lower), and reflex stretch through pelvis area to stretch out lumbosacral region. Suggest working long and low (especially during cool down) circling both to the left and right – encouraging stretching and flexion through the back. Repeat massage session recommended within a week depending on remaining reactivity in back/loins.

Massage Assessment:
1. Left thoracic trapezius reactive
2. Left longissimus dorsi reactive
3. Left lumbosacral region reactive
4. Right thoracic trapezius reactive
5. Right longissimus dorsi reactive
6. Right lumobsacral region reactive
7. Right middle gluteal reactive


  1. What kind of liniment did you use?can you notice a big difference in her after the massage? I've been thinking about doing this with Cass.

    1. The name of the liniment escapes me, but yes- I noticed a huge difference in her after the massage. She was much better today... though that all may be ruined with her little slipping stunt from earlier today.