Monday, August 29, 2011

Update to carry things over till Wednesday

And on Wed, I'll do a full update of the show.  Not that there's all that much to write, but c'est la vie.
Had a jumping lesson today.  We started out with a little gymnastic set a bit tight so that Cadence would have to actually use herself and push up over the fences.  She was still pretty lazy about it.  She knows she can do it and unless the jumps are scary (jumps at a show are scary) she isn't really going to put in all that much extra effort.  Fair enough, but that's not the purpose of the exercise.  Once we'd acceptably made it through the first exercise, my coach set out a vertical then three strides to a bigger oxer.  It started off maybe 3'3-6 or something round there, but she got a bit lazy with it (oh, and I should add that there were poles set every 12 feet between the two jumps, and 12 feet is rouhly 1 stride) so my coach upped the height and told me to let her crash through it once.  And that we did.  She'd never really hit a jump before, only occasionally rubbing things when she was feeling a bit lazy, so this was a first.  When I brought her back round to go over it again, my coach said to just sit tight in case she gets rattled and decides to stop before the oxer, thus throwing me into this somewhat imposing 3'9-11 fence.  Well, Cadence didn't stop.  She hopped happily over it, and we ended the lesson by cantering a 2'6 square oxer both directions a few times.  She didn't go near it :P
The 3'9-11 (dunno the actual height, but it was very close to the top of our 4' standards, and if my coach's body part measurement (like 3' is at the top of your hip kinda thing) is correct, it stood just under 3'11) fence was the highest I've jumped to date, so that was fun.  However, equally (actually, much much more) important was the fact that my position is now improving from suckish to adequate.  So now when we approach a 3'9 fence, I can stay with my mare and her big jump and do it with some semblance of grace.  It's not perfect yet; I still feel myself slipping up, and I sometimes round a bit in my back, but I'm improving.

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