Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long Time No See

It's been 11 days since my last post, and I'd been doing so well too!  I think I broke my personal record for longest period of time without ablog post, so sorry about that.
Anyhow, the mare's doing wonderfully.  Her leg came down (after lots of religious work) and when the vet ultrasounded she couldn't find anything wrong.  No evidence of cuts, bangs, tears/rips, no swelling (actually, there was a tiny bit of  left over  swelling in one spot, but it was sub-cutaneous & nothing worrisome.  At least that showed us where the swelling was) nothing.  Her only theory was a possible fetlock sprain, but that didn't seem likely because it healed so quickly and she was always totally sound.  The vet flexed her just to be sure, and she trotted off perfect.  She told me to sweat the leg for the next few days and cold hose it after work, just to deal with any leftover stiffness/soreness in case it was a sprain, and we were instructed to do a few days of w/t, then some light dressage, and after a week we were clear to go back to work.  Yay!
So we did w/t Tues Wed and Thurs, had Friday off (my first day away from the barn in a week and a half!) and had a dressage lesson today.  The lesson was fantastic!  Cadence had been a little heavy in her frame, which allowed us to secure the stretch work on Tues Wed and Thurs, but today my coach said we needed to pick her up a bit and make sure she didn't lay on me through her downward transitions.  It was a fantastic lesson, and my already light horse managed to become even lighter!  My coach also pointed out how beautifully Cadence'stop line had developed.  She has some wonderful muscling along her neck specifically, that I'd never noticed because I don't exactly spend a ton of time looking at her neck when I'm riding!  She's a little ahead of the game in her dressage work, but she truly excelles at it so we're just going to keep working at her pace.
Tomorrow we're going to go out for a light walk hack, and on Monday we jump!!


  1. Weren't you in the middle of a horse trial report?
    Please go to the front of the class and finish your report.

  2. Nina and I are living our competition season vicariously through you and Cadence. Well, actually Nina is blowing big raspberries, but I am living vicariously through your show season.