Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Avoiding a full update

The show went allr ight, but the next day Cadence had a fat LH.  She broke free from the trailer at the show and went for a gallop because the other horse she was with kicked out (didn't hit her or anything, she just reacted... strongly to the other horse kicking) and a horse got into the barn she was stabled in Sat night so she could have injured it then knowing what a bossy little thing Cadence can be.  Either way, with poulticing, cold hosing, ice boots, etc. it's still not down and it's been 48 hours.  Having the vet out to make sure she didn't do anything serious; unfortunately a little heat seems to be coming from te suspenory area.  Full post to come when I have a minute.

 Gahh, yucky position.

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