Monday, August 1, 2011

As Summer Slips By...

... I sit inside and do school work.  Or at least, I attempt to do school work.  It's the thought that counts, right? 
Cadence and I had a great lesson today.  Apparently, I don't have nearly as much muscle as I thought.  The poor mare got to practice being pulled up.  Apparently, we didn't demonstrate enough aptitude in the quick stopping department out XC.  Either way, my calves burned from lots of two point work and my arm muscles... don't appear to exist.  I need to go buy a new pair.  If only it were that easy.  It was a good lesson though.  My coach hopped on for a minute and it was fun to watch my little mare giver her attitude.  Bad decision Cadence! 
I also went over to my coach's place with my family for dinner last night.  One of her other students and his wife were there, along with her neighbours, whom I'd met before.  It was a lot of fun, and I got to see an old tape she found for me of her and Rocky competing at Rocky's first CCI*** at Fair Hill.  Man could that pony ever jump!  She looked so tiny in the jog up.  When they turned around, Lynda dissappeared behind the 16.3h giant that was (is) Rocky! She also pulled out an old scrap book for me that she'd made as a record of Rocky's life.  It had pictures of him as a gangly 2y/o mid way through a rather awkward growth spurt, pictures of him as a 4 y/o starting his training, pictures of him at Rolex, Pan Am qualifiers, etc.  It also included details like what was going on in each picture.  (Things like "Bad run at X event, car spooked Rocky. I broke my leg."  Or "Rocky got flu, sick for summer of '98")  It was fascinating to look at.  Along side rocky, there were pictures of his full sister and her baby (Carmie... I've mentioned her before.).  Unfortunately, when my coach quit eventing in 2000 she stopped updating the book.  Apparently this was the first time she's really looked through it since then.  Anyhow, it really reinforced the importance of keeping this blog going and recording as many details of Cadence and my journey as possible.  If you're in Canada, I hope you're enjoyingthe long weekend!

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