Thursday, August 4, 2011


Not.  We've got the "hunter show" today, but we aren't actually registered in any classes.  They charge something like $20 to go school round the course, so we is gonna do dat instead.  This way Cadence can come back to trot where necessary, come back to halt if necessary, and we won't get eliminated.  Yay! 
I've officially sent my forms in for Glen Oro HT next weekend, even though my coach can't make it.  (Horrified face)  Hopefully we'll get out for at least one more XC school before then.  If we can, I think we may actually have a fighting chance.  The key's going to be keeping her energy and confidence levels up.  Our plan is to have a really quick dressage warm up.  We won't even start till like 15 min. before the test.  Then do a nice easy stadium warm up, focusing on keeping our cool and not getting worried by anything.  After stadium, we'll take a walk break, and maybe a stand still break depending on our times before going to warm up for xc.  Our xc warm up strategy is going to be TOTALLY focused on coming back.  We've got the gallop down, so I'm not going to worry bout it.  Once we've got the whole coming back mastered we'll pop the warm up fences up to 5 times total, and watch a couple of people head out the start box before entering ourselves.  Yay!  Hopefully there won't be any banks or ditches.  If there are, we'll just have a go at 'em and enjoy.
In regards to her dressagedness, she's doing pretty well. Still grabby grabby after the canter.  I'm going to see if my coach can hop on her once whilst I'm away to assess that and see what our best plan of action's going tobe.  Other than that, she's looking great.  Trot stretch still isn't great, too rushy.  Still can't stay round in trot-halt transitions, but that'll come.  At this level, it doesn't really matter anyways. 
I promise to get the videos from the last show and xc school up soon.  I appear to be getting sick, so it may have to wait till I'm better... but c'est la vie

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  1. Hello :) Thank you for your comment on my blog, it's a bit stressful leaving with open floors indeed!
    Hope the show went well!