Friday, August 12, 2011

Glen Oro HT

Cadence and I are headed up to Glen Oro tomorrow, so naturally thunder showers are expected throughout the day.  My luck sucks.
On a more positive note, our prep for the event (aside from a lack of XC) has been fantastic.  We had a great jump school at Touch N Go, and our ride on Wed was perfect.  I was on and off in 15 minutes, and fit a full dressage school into that time!  Cadence was calm and attentive, and barely put a foot out of line, so we ran through everything we'd need for tomorrow & called it quits.  Hopefully we can replicate that at the show tomorrow.  My goal for tomorrow is to complete without any refusals, and I think if we can do that we should be well on our way.  Actually, there's another event next weekend that (may) have a Pre-Entry course, so if we go clean around this and if we can make it up to Dreamcrest next weekend, then we may sign up for Entry (Beginner Novice) on the 27th.  Then if we make it clean around Entry on the 27th, we'd qualify for championships.  Now THAT's what I call scheming!  Honestly it depends on how she goes though.  If she's hesitant and backed off around Glen Oro and Dreamcrest (if we go) but still goes clear there's no way I'm pushing anything more at her.  She's got to be totally confident and prove that going clean wasn't just a fluke.  If we can do that, THEN we'll upgrade.  I'm really not planing on going to Champs, it  doesn't matter to me.  If we make it round Glen Oro tomorrow (which we will) then we'll be almost a full month ahead of where we thought Cadence would be, and that suits me just fine.

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