Monday, October 3, 2011

What I've Been Up To:

I apologize for being an awful blogger.  I know, I suck. Its been one day shy of two weeks, so here's whats transpired... or at the very least, the highlights of it:
XC school:
Took the long way there (byaccident) and started out late, so we started with a slightly larger jump:
But then we relaxed a little:
We succesfully conquered both banks and water like old pros!  Her two biggest fears.  At the end, we strung together a course, and popped over that sans incident, water, banks, and all!  Go Mare!

In other news, Launa jumped (well, hopped) for the first time the other day.  She treated it like an old pro; I was very impressed.  It was caught on camera, so I hope to get the video up soon.  After my lesson on Sat, I hopped on my coach's greenie, Z, and rode her too.  She's a totally different horse from the one I rode last winter.  She's pretty solid in her first level work, and her canter extensions are gorgeous.  Like all four feet off the ground, and about a foot in the air gorgeous.  My legs hurt after though :)

Cadence has a dressage lesson tonight, so I'll try to be good and post about it tomorrow.


  1. I love that first pic! I might not have stayed on for the landing! lol

  2. Not gonna lie... I LOVE that first photo.