Monday, October 17, 2011


Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to read this blog.  I'm far from the best writer (actually, I sit far too close to the bottom of quality writing for my own personal comfort, but changing that requires valuable time I do not have) and a rather infrequent and sporadic poster, but I enjoy keeping this training record up.  Okay, now onto the post:

PMS, also known as Pissy Mare Syndrome.  Best acronym ever, if you ask me.  Anyhow, I know I mentioned in passing that Cadence and I had had a rather interesting ride the other day.  When I got to the barn, she was very calm and happy; a bit of a rarity in her case!  (The calm, that is) So I tacked up, dragged out some jumps, and hopped on.  Under saddle however, she was grabby, pushy, and grumpy.  All she wanted to do was run, so I hopped off, removed the tack, and let her blast around for a minute.  Once she was content again, I hopped back on.  I think this is where I made the mistake.  I had the same horse as before, but I pushed through it, and continued on with my plan.  Bad decision.  She just plowed at all the jumps, grabbing about two strides out and getting in deep as a result.  Gahh!  I though we'd quit that.  Since Trying to tug my reins back wasn't working, I brougnt her back to trot a few strides out from the jump, and we worked on that for a while.

Next ride, I hopped on her bareback and we went through our normal dressage school routine.  We had the same issues, but I was (for the most part) able to correct them more effectively.  I believe I have a lesson tonight, so hopefully Cadence won't be in heat anymore.  Actually, I wouldn't mind if she were still in heat.  I really want to show my coach the issues she gets, and work out the most effective way to correct them.

I don't know if any of you read K's blog, but if you do then you'll know about her "methods" and how she's helped her mare Lilo overcome some of her issues, and truly grow into herself.  She's inspired me to take a closer look at some of the things I do (and more importantly, HOW I do them) and recently I've been doing a little re-evaluation.  The process of learning is always a hard one.  I just hope I make the right choices here...

Oh, and I have a few videos that'll be ready soon.  Stay tuned!


  1. I don't think I "officially" follow you, but I read your blog every post:)
    It's a constant learning process, it gets frustrating sometimes to realize our horses' issues are actually being caused by us, but at least we are trying to do better!

  2. My sister's mare is sweet and quiet when she is in season and has PMS for the rest of her cycle!!

  3. I don't comment nearly enough, but you are a fine writer and have a great blog! Congrats on your new milestone. Also, where would we be without mares to set us straight? ;)