Thursday, September 22, 2011

My 17y/o Baby

I made it through my evening from hell (thanks to my stellar scheduling skills) yesterday, and even found time to eat!  Though schoolwork seems to have fallen by the way-side or however that expression goes.  Anyhow, Cadence was amazing.  I haven't had a chance to do a write up on the lessons from last weekend (dressage friday and jumping Sat), but I'll quickly paraphrase:

Friday:  The Mare was insane. Apparently riding every other day does NOT work for her.  She was ready to go beat Secretariat and be the first TB cross to win the triple crown.  She even refused to pick up her right lead for a while.  Frustrating. We survived the lesson, and proceeded to go for a nice long hack.

Sat:  Kaitlin (Cadence's old owner/breeder) came down to watch our lesson. Cadence was good at first.  Good warm up, good gymnastics, bad single fences/oxerness.  We grabbed the bit and bolted a couple of strides beore the fence, only to realize that there was no possible way we would make it over the jump and slamming on the breaks.  I landed IN BETWEEN her front legs, on my back.  I watched her lift her hoof gingerly over my vulnerable stomach, and was thankful my mare is careful with her feet.  I hopped back up after giving her a quick pat, and we popped over the jump with considerably more care.  I learned that I really do have to take control and stop her from bolting AT ALL COSTS.  I've always tried to bring her back gently, but now I know if I have to haul on her mouth and do a pulley rein before the jump, it's better than the alternative.  I was disappointed, because she had been so good in our last jump school.  Good lesson to learn though.  Oh, and we had a totally failed hack before the lesson.

Now onto Launa and our ride yesterday.
First I took Cadence out for a very successful w/t hack.  She was absolutely amazing, and ground tied before and after the ride even when I went into the arena to grab something.  GOOD MARE!!!!!  Then it was Launa's turn.  There were two other horses working in the arena, which isn't a big deal.  I often ride her with them.  Anyhow, we set up two trot poles, one after the other, and with standards either side.  After a little walk/trot warm up (and some rein backs and quarter turns) we walked neatly over them, so I asked her to trot on over.  SHe was having no piece of that.  I'm talking knocking over the standards, and cantering away (the horse who doesn't know how to canter under saddle yet).  Then the other horses left, and she walked and trotted calmly over the DEAD CENTER (something we've nevr been able to accomplish before) of the poles.  I even hopped up into my two-point and trotted over them like that for the first time.  What a goof.  I have no idea what set her off; it's not like we haven't done something similar before... with other horses in the arena I might add.  Anyhow, I'll be off to ride both ponies again tonight so we'll see how she does today.

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