Friday, October 21, 2011

Lunge Work and Lessons

For the first time in forever, I've had a pretty horse-free week.  That said, this week I have been to three tack shops, ridden two horses twice each, and spent countless hours following the Pan Am's (with limited success).   Why does it feel like I've been slacking off?

 Actually, I know exactly why it feels like I've been slacking off.  I haven't been on a certain 16.2hh TB x Hanoverian mare since Tuesday.  On Monday, I had a dressage lesson during which my coach expressed her opinion that Cadence's unwillingness to give properly (to the right rein) in the canter could be more easily cured on the lunge line.  Fine by me.  Anyhow, the plan was for my coach to lunge the mare on Thursday and Saturday, so Cadence got Wednesday and Friday off in preparation for her 'training time' with the coach.

So Launa's been my only riding since Tues, & I've actually had quite a bit of fun with my 17 year old baby mare.  On Monday I jumped her for the second time, and she was a little pro!  She trots nicely up to the little x-rail, jumps, and trots calmly away.  What a cutie!  I've got to get some videos.  Yesterday we did some w/t dressage tests, backed up in a STRAIGHT line, and perfected her turn on the haunches.  Additionally, we did some stretchy stuff to get that old body to bend!  We also practiced dropping and picking up my stirrups at the trot, since last week Launa's owner took a tumble when she lost a stirrup and Launa spooked.  The whole dropping them thing wasn't such a big deal.  Oddly enough, it was picking the stirrups back up that bugged her.  Either way, we just worked on 'safety desensatization' things, and halting from the trot sans reins.  Nothing too challenging, but lots of fun.

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