Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Cadence and I have been up to:

1) We discovered that Cadence has not quite come straight yet.  She used to pop her head up for a minute in her upwards and downwards transitions; something that I'd ignored since those transitions had been so difficult anyway, but when I requested she stay round all hell broke loose.   From there some further digging around was done and we (my coach and I) noticed that there were still some unresolved issues there that had just been neatly covered up.  Glad we unearthed them, but thus far the road to correcting them's been... challenging shall we say.

2) Kaitlin, Cadence's old owner, rode her for me while I was away at a cousin's wedding.  She even got to take her XC, where Cadence was a superstar with everything, but the ditch.

3) Cadence has been ground tying superbly!  She much prefers it to cross ties, so while she's still not quite at ground tying perfection, I'm not complaining.

4) We had an... interesting... ride that I'll be sure to post about when I have time.

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