Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Show Tomorrow!

Once I worked over my stress regarding the show and canoeing trip, I've really been getting excited about this show.  Poor Cadence has suffered because of it!  She's had her mane pulled, trimmed, cleaned, braided, re-braided (I wasn't satisfied), and bathed within an inch of her life.  Poor pony, thank goodness I can braid fast!  The rest of it...well, it taught her patience. 
In regards to the actual show, as my coach said 'It's just a schooling show.  You're there to do just that, school.  Try to make it over everything, and don't worry about your dressage.  Just try to keep her relaxed'  Her dressage'll be fine.  We'll warm up focusing on straight center lines, relaxing, stretching in the free walk.  We'll do one short canter, and make sure she relaxes afterwards.  Short and sweet is my dressage goal.  Our dressage is @1 and stadium's @2:45, so we have a fair bit of time in between.  We'll do more of an XC style stadium warm up focusing on responding to my woah aids, and going over EVERYTHING.  No.matter.what.  I realized today that she's never seen a flower box.  That'll be fun!  We'll probably end up coming back to trot, and cantering a stride before some of the fences.  Time isn't even in my mind, I really don't care.  I'm going for the dressage, to make it around stadium sans-refusals, and for the XC schooling after. 
I leave Thursday morning for my annual canoeing trip, so I'll see you all monday!  (Chances are I wont have time to post results tomorrow)

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