Friday, July 22, 2011

Grab Mane and Go!

I can't wait, I want Sunday to be here.  Unfortunately, time does not speed up or slow down upon my request.  Anyhow, my motives for fast forwarding till Sunday are still somewhat unclear... I think it's a combination of just wanting to get it over with and really being rather excited.  All the negativity stems from us not really being prepared for this.  I'm the type of person who comes in uber prepared, not under prepared... but alas such is life.  I'm going in with the mentality that we'll be first after dressage, rock the socks off of stadium (providing we can get past the scary shed) and tear up that XC course.  We're the last pair of the day to go, and our xc time isn't till four, so the heat's got me a bit worried.  That said, Sunday's actually supposed to be pretty nice.  81, feels like 88.  I think I can handle that.
This competition is at the same place as the last one, and if they hold everything in the same places as last time (which I'm assuming they will) then we're going to have to deal with the scary red shed again in stadium.  She hasn't been out since our not so great performance at our CT show, so to return to the same venue with no more preparation than we had last time seems kind of dumb.  I guess I'll just go in planning to win and really ride EVERY SINGLE FENCE.   We'll just grab mane, and go ;)

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