Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and Hellions

Just a brief note on the final film in the Harry Potter franchise: The film was fantastic.  Despite the enormity of the events occurring in the film and the chaos that ensued, the film had a very intimate feeling... as if you were really there with Harry Ron, and Hermione.  It was sad at times (okay... the only real sad moment in my opinion was when it showed Fred, Tonks, and Lupin's dead bodies) but over all the film focused on a more energized and upbeat feeling.  All in all, while it may not have been as good as the book (and when are they ever) it did seem to do the epic final novel justice.

Now for the hellion part of things!  When I went out to thebarn for my Sat morning lesson,  I was treated to a energetic and pissed off mare.  Yay!  I mean like having to put a chain on her and have someone hold her because she was swinging her butt around so she could kick at the walls, having her shoot through any doorways that were open and proceed to trot circles around me as best she could, attempt to gallop a 10m circle on the lunge, rear and reverse mid rear (while still on the lunge) because she spotted a dog walking out of the bushes, and barge through me and attempt to trot away from the mounting block then refuse to back up and try to trot some more.  God, I love my horse.  I got on, and we actually had quite a good ride.  She just needs to get the energy out, and when she acts like that thre's no way i'm free lunging her, she's psycho free lunging on a good day.  It was funny though, because she was such a superstar out XC and everyone commented on how non-temperamental she was.  If they'd seen her Saturday nobody would believe it was the same horse.  Honestly, if someone who didn't know her had been there they'd have thought me balmy for attempting to ride her.  They may have thought I possessed some extraordinary talent though, after seeing her proceed to go so nicely under saddle!
Yesterday she was pretty good.  We did some leg yield work, worked on canter transitions and trot after the canter, and then ditched the saddle and rode pole patterns with the western pleasure ladies bareback.  We were disqualified for inappropriate tack though ;)


  1. thanks for your nice comments, is it grey there too *sigh* wish it wasn't, but yup it's grey here too :-(

  2. I liked the Harry Potter movie too!

    People in my theater thought it was really sad though, some people had to leave they were crying so hard.