Thursday, July 21, 2011

If you're going to hell...

might as well do it thoroughly.  I wasn't planning on dying... but plans change.
Explanation: Somehow I've wound up entered in Cadence's (and my, though I'm not so worried about myself) first official event this Sunday instead of the nice easy hunter show we'd been planning on.  What the hell ever happened to taking things slowly?  I suppose it's sink or float time now.

Countdown to the event: 2 rides left D:

P.s. Why me?  Why do I always find myself in these situations?  Flying by the seat of my pants as my grandpa used to say.  I've gotten over the stress... and a fair bit of the excitement (amazing since it hasn't even been a 1/2 hour since the idea was proposed) and am now just... lacking in descriptive language.


  1. I know how you feel! Good luck:)

  2. You could say that you are just excited or you could come up with something that starts with....oh say F. lol
    You will do great. Sometimes making up your mind to take the plunge and just doing it right now works the best. Take pictures, have fun and if all else fails just grab mane and kick. (You won't believe how many 4* event riders have said that in a clinic!)

  3. Sometimes that's the best way - stop stressing the small stuff and just go for it! Have fun, and don't worry about the score.