Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Better Outlook

I'm trying to be positive here and de-stress myself.  I cancelled a couple of things off of my schedule yesterday to leave time to play with tmy pony and go braid some people's horses for a show tomorrow.  Unfortunately both horses had just had their manes conditioned.  Oh, and we couldn't find the spray and braid till I was half way through the second horse.  Just my luck.  I do however feel I win the best friend of the year award for braiding somebody else's horse because they were on vacation.
I've also totally changed my outlook in regards to the show on Wednesday.  It'll be the second time Cadence has jumped a course, and probably the second time she's seen fillers and painted poles.  If we get a refusal, it'll suck but so what?  There's always another ride.  I have no fears of her knocking any poles.  If she makes it over the jump, she'll be 20 feet in the air.  And in regards to dressage?  if our transitions aren't at the letter and we loose marks on submission, it isn't the end of the world.  It's all just a learning experience.  We make do with what we've got, thank our lucky stars we've got it, and graciously move on to the next thing.
Have a great day all, I'm off to ride the Mare.


  1. When I first started doing dressage competitions I would always get marks off for submission. I wanted to go to the judge and say 'that was great - you should see him at home!'
    All things are relative. I try just to have fun. I think Cadence sounds awesome and she will get better and better.

  2. Your absolutely right, and don't forget to have fun too! You know what Cadence can do, if she flubs up at the show, it's probably means she's just a little nervous. It's all about learning and experience.