Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Hate Drama. ALL Drama.

Seriously. And yes, I know... I'm probably in the wrong sport, but my love for riding is (currently) still greater than my drama-hate.  Thankfully, I've got a group of amazing close friends who are about as drama-less as you can get, and I find that the people who tend to cause the most drama are the ones I subconsciously gravitate away from, so my personal life is about as drama free as you can get.  I've also been extremely lucky in that the barn where I board is also pretty drama free.  Our biggest excitement was when a boyfriend and girlfriend who co-owned a horse split,  (now, granted that was a bit of a special case because it was nearly 4 months post-break up before they stopped living together....) so the "shared custody" of their horse is as exciting as we get.  But as they say, all good things come to an end.... and it would seem I've run smack into the center of a big, unavoidable wall of drama.

Now on a personal level, I've got no idea how two people who get along so well and have worked together for several years can suddenly become so vehemently against each other, but then again I probably don't want to know. And I would just continue with my coping strategy of ignoring the issue and pretending it doesn't exist so long as it doesn't affect me, but that's just it. Their issues are affecting me, & in big ways too.

Basically, the current situation is that my coach can't coach at my current barn past mid-April.  So to move or not to move? That is the question.  On the one hand, I want to just suck it up and move.  I mean, I LOVE my barn- I love the people, I love the care, I love the facility, I love the location, etc. but I also love my coach, and while there are other barns, there's only 1 of my coach.  So...  But the issue is further complicated by the fact that due to school (something I avoid talking about on this blog) I'll be moving either 1 or 4 hours away, which means I'llCadence in August, regardless of what happens with the whole barn situation.  So even if we moved her in May, she'd only be at the new place for 2-3 months before she has to move... AGAIN. Basically, this leaves me with two options:
1. Move my horse now
2. Stick it out & trailer out EVERY WEEK for lessons (as I'd probably ruin Cadence within a month without my coach's watchful eye keeping us in line!)

Option 1.
If I go with option 1, as I said before we'll be going to what'll basically be a temporary farm, until we both move again in August.   The pros to this are that I'll be able to continue on with lessons at whatever facility I move to, I can have my coach come in and ride Cadence when I'm away (which doesn't happen a ton, but does happen once every few months so its a common enough occurrence that its something to think about) and I can basically move on from all this drama.  Which for me, is a big plus.  The cons are that I love my barn, I love the care my horse gets, and in my opinion moving twice in 4 months is a LOT for a horse to have to deal with, especially considering the fact that we'll still be competing, so she'll have the stress of competition to deal with too.  Ultimately, my horse's welfare is my top priority, so this is a big consideration.

Option 2.
Option 2 really has an A and a B, and it is kind of dependent on where I chose to live next year.  One option is 1 hour away from where I currently live, and in that case I'd just move Cadence in June rather than August and commute to and from the new barn for the summer since I'll have a little more time.  I'd still have to trailer out for lessons from now till June, which is a royal pain in the ass not to mention a HUGE time vacuum, but Cadence would only have to be moved once, and I know she'll be well cared for where she currently is.
However option 2 B means I'll be living 4 hours away, in which case I would either have to move earlier than anticipated (a down since that also means I'll probably be losing income with the move) or more likely that we'd have to stick it out and do the trailer-in-and-out for lessons thing till August...... which REALLY does not sound appealing.

My current thoughts on all this? WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE ALL GET ALONG?! You'd make my life SO much easier if you did.

Also, just as an end note- I know I'm sitll lacking a show write-up post. I'm currently immersed in mid-terms, and have a few outside of school things happening ATM that are requiring my attention, so I just haven't had the time. It'll come though, I promise!

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  1. Those arrangements are frustrating. I don't know why horse people can't just get along. :-/

    No options sound good. Best of luck to you.