Monday, March 25, 2013

Equine-Themed Clothing

I'll be honest- I was never one of the little girls who wanted a pony themed bedroom covered in pink and sparkles.  Clothing with horses silk screened onto it, or bed sheets covered in pony print, or socks (oh the equine themed socks!) with horse hooves... none of it ever really appealed to me.  If I want to broadcast my equine love, I'll wear my Rolex hoody or maybe even my paddock boots around ;) However, every now and again I come across a piece of horsey clothing I'd love. Though most are classy enough on their own, I think really its the wit that makes them wearable.  Somehow wit outweighs tackiness, making the clothing appealing rather than adorable, but somewhat cringe-enducing... which seems to be the norm.  For example:
Who wouldn't want this? Especially if you have a mare...
I spotted this shirt at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair a few years ago & fall in love! 

Dapplebay's Three Days Three Ways long sleeved tee.

For some reason I couldn't get a picture of the actual shirt, but its just a grey fitted tee, and if you check out Behind the Bit, you'll find a link to the shirt.

And today, I came across another piece of horsey-clothing I'd actually buy (and now desparately want) while browsing SprinklerBandits blog:
Riding Ninja Apparel.  Adorable, and entertaining!
You can check out all the differend designs for yourself here or on Facebook.  OR you can also go to SprinklerBandit's blog, and check out her contest to get one for free!  I figure I'm safe to share the contest info without ruining my own chances of winning because anyone (of the 2 or 3 readers I've got :P ) who reads my blog probably reads hers as well!

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