Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Because Life Just Sucks

In my last Cadence-related post, I mentioned that we jumped again.  All was well, and that weekend (on the Saturday) we had a jumping lesson that was fantastic. Kept it low, mostly cross rails with only a few verticals all of which were 2'9 or less just to keep it easy.  The Mare was fantastic, and it was an awesome feeling being able to ride a horse who could actually trot calmly around the ring.  She had Sunday off, and we were supposed to have a dressage lesson Monday, but we all decided that it'd probably be pushing a little too hard so we cancelled the lesson and I opted just to lunge.  Bad decision...
Cadence was fantastic overall, but at one point in time something spooked her and she did her typical leap-4-feet-in-the-air freak out... and she landed on some soft/slippery footing & took a tumble with both front legs out behind her.  Or directly underneath, depending on how you want to look at it.  She hopped up, and was a little dazed but fine overall.  I kept lunging her to ensure that she was sound (which she was) and after rubbing her whole front end down with linament, put her in her stall for the night.  The next day she was sound, but had some mysterious swelling at the top of her front right cannon.  No heat, no lameness, no apparent sensitivity.  Just more fill.  I left that evening after spending the whole day fussing over her, and entrusted my baby to the care of my coahc and BO.  She was lunged on Thursday and ridden Sat, and all appeared to be well.  But even now, there's still swelling.  Never any lameness, but it kind of feels like small comfort.
Ideally, I'd love to take her to the vet and have them ultrasound and x-ray the shit out of her legs so that I can stop being so paranoid, but I just don't have the money to be spending hundreds of dollars on what appears to be nothing.  Peace of mind is great, but is it really worth it?  There's just this niggling in the back of my mind thnat keeps saying 'what if'.  What if it is someithing serious?  What if the other vet missed something?  What if...


  1. I wouldn't worry but i wouldn't lunge her. Cold hose it every day for about 20 minutes and hand walk her until the swelling is gone.

  2. Horses do stupid little things and hurt themselves, then do crazy shit like that and are fine. I'd keep an eye on it and not push her for a few days, but if she's sound, there's not much point in having the vet out. Save up for when there is a problem.