Monday, May 7, 2012

Cadence and the Cross Country School: Part 1

It seems like posts that start with 'that moment when' have been popping up all over twitter and facebook recently.  Now in my own rather curmudgeonly state,  I tend to frown down upon these posters and their odd sentence structures.  However, as every other seen the light, hallelujah story must go... eventually the other shoe dropped for me too.

So now running in a completely different direction, let us move back to Sunday morning so I can regail you with a brief synopsis of Cadence and my x-country school.

Saturday evening, I drove the trailer out to the barn & loaded it up so that we could be ready to go as soon as possible Sunday morning.  The place we were going to school wasn't particularly far away, but the drive would be at least 1.5h with good traffic, so with our 11am start time in mind I figured a little extra preparation couldn't hurt.  This turned out to be a god send, because my pet-sitting duties went awry when the rooster made a mad bid for freedom and dived out under my leg.  45 minutes later, I was running considerably behind schedule and was thoroughly pleased that I'd taken the time to pack the trailer the night before.  After loading my Dad into the truck (I'll drive the trailer empty, but don't trust myself with horses inside just yet) we headed off to the barn to fetch The Mare.  Cadence seemed good, and keen, and without much fuss she hopped onto the trailer and we were off.

To be continued....

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