Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rolex Cross Country Pics

 Sharon White coming off the Walnut Table

 Andrew Nichols
 Becky Holder
 James Alliston and Jumbo's Jake
I spet a lot of time at what used to be the HSBC duck pond 
Jessica Hamph ad High Society 
 Jane and UN
 Nice and neat!
 A little less so, but still very straight!
 Doug and Running Order come up to the goose
 RO sort of leaves a leg
 Doug Payne and RO jump very neatly through

 Just in case the orange didn't tip you off, Sharon White

 Photos from fence 9, which seemed to cause so much trouble
Ooh look, a ditch!

 Unfortunately, this ended up being called as a refusal...


  1. you got some good shots, thanks for posting them

  2. God pictures. eventing horses are saints for putting up with that. I think there will be a special place in heaven for them.

  3. I love those Delmar boots! But what did they wrap around them to match their show colors?