Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a goofball!

Sorry its so dark.  So much for my nice easy ride on Bailey.  I was so pissed with him.  I'm fine with bucking, fine with spooking, but I have ZERO tolerance for rearing. Its simply too dangerous for both the horse and the rider.  Imagine if he'd done that with his owner on him!  (for those of you that don'tk now, Bailey's mom is pregnant right n ow)


  1. It's funny... I prefer rearing to bucking. Means I end up with lots of problem horses. You're absolutely right... that behavior is not ok. Good on you.

  2. You are right, unacceptable. But personally, I'm with Dom, I deal with rearing better than bucking.

  3. Rearing is often easier to ride, but my issue is that rearing provides such a high risk for both horse and rider if the horse flips. Then you end up with a squished rider, and a horse with a broken back.