Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exciting Stuff

Last year, the Mare-Face and I got to do a clinic with a friend of my coaches... who also happens to have ridden in 2 Olympic games (unfortunately, her horse was injured before London), the WEG, the European Championships, and the World Cup.  If only my resume looked like that!  Anywho, luckily for us she invited my coach to bring a few of her students up to her farm, so we're scheduled to go up for a lesson on Saturday!  I've been up to the farm once before, when my coach was going up, and the farm is absolutely stunning; like take your breath away beautiful.  Plus, no complaints about the coach;) I learned a ton from her last year, and can't wait to see how this weekend goes.  And on that note, I'm off to ride. Cheers!
Just to get you all as excited as I am, I offer you this shot of the facility's exterior.  The interior's even better...


  1. Sounds like this weekend is going to be a blast! And that barn is so beautiful!!