Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Goals and Resolutions Revisited

2012 Resolutions:
1)I'd like to continue on with the 'drink more water' resolution from 2011, but this time make it more quantifiable.  I'd like to drink two glasses of water/day.  Yeulch.
Well, I've basically rid myself of my hatred of water thanks to two years of hard work.  Did I drink 2 glasses a day? No, so technically this was a fail.

 2)Work out 2x per week.  I think I can manage this one, and I think it'll be helpful in regards to both my riding and my overall health.  This may sound odd coming from a 5'9 105lb girl, but health isn't just about weight, and while I may be thin I also eat awfully which brings me to my 3rd resolution.
Oddly enough, it was summer that killed this one.  Normally I run on the treadmill, but the weather was just so fine I couldn't quite bring myself to go to the gym... only I didn't exercise outside either.  I did get back into it, only to have my efforts squashed by my dreadful fall semester.  At least we're almost through it!  I plan on recommencing this one in February.

3)Stop being such a mooch.  I'm an awful mooch; I jus see food and have this uncontrolable desire to eat it!!! It doesn't really matter whose it is, so long as it ends up in my mouth.  I have poor impulse control; this is my attempt to correct it and do something for society as a whole simultaneously.
Yeah... fail. Big a mooch as ever, but I decided I don't really care.  I love food, and it pains me to see other people eating delicous stuff that could be in my mouth.  So what's the harm in asking?

4)Eat healthier.  Another one of those unquantifiable/unqualifiable resolutions.  MAYBE I can make it quantifiable by 2013 ;)  (I seem to have a penchant for goals that area easy to say 'yeah, I totally did that' without REALLY doing it...)
I really like cookies... and carbs... and most things I'm not supposed to eat

2012 Goals:
1) Compete at 1st level.  A challenge? Yes.  Doable? I think so.  
Well, we ALMOST got there... but I opted for an XC school instead :)

2) COMPLETE an event, and hopefully pick up some ribbons.  I'd like to be successfully going Entry by the end of the season, and MAYBE try a PT.  Maybe.  That's not a goal, just an 'outline'.

We completed this goal, and then some!  With two firsts, one sixth, and a tenth place all in hte span of a month and a half, we had quite the season.

3) Go camping with Cadence, or go on a fox hunt (or training hunt) with Cadence
Fail.  I don't think I'll ever be able to take Cadence camping; she's just not that type of horse.  A hunt or something along those lines would be fun though.
4) Get a car... it would make my life oh so much easier.
I still don't own my own vehicle... so another fail.  I really can't afford the insurance at this point in time though, so I'll have to stick with carpooling, borrowing, and public transit ATM.

4) Keep RFTGU going until 2013!  What an odd thought... 2013.  How time flies when you're having a good time.
Success!  At times I most certainly let the blog slide more than I should have, but to be perfectly honest, that's just a part of life.  I lead an incredibly busy life between school, horses, volunteer work, music, and a few fun side projects.  I'm also absolutely dreadful when it comes to doing anything on a regular baasis.  So in short, I'm kind of stunned I've kept the blog going for as long as I have.

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