Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exciting News!

First off, although looking back it seems silly to doubt this would happen, the fact that I got an email today stating that my entry to Southern Pines HT had been accepted was still thrilling news.  I think I've been in denial, not daring to let myself believe this was really happening until everything was in, confirmed, booked, etc. but now things are starting to seem real.  We just have to confirm stabling, and sort out how much hay we're bringing down and how much we'll buy down there! Wow, I'm still in shock.
Can't wait to be out XC again!

Also, exams are finally over!  And while the respite between semesters lasts a scant 2 days thanks to weather pushing class and exam schedules forward, my next semester should (theoretically) prove a little easier.  I'll write a proper post tomorrow.....

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