Friday, December 14, 2012

Mostly Wordless Friday

Cause words take more time than I've got.  Saddle fitter's coming tonight though, so maybe our lack of jumping saddle will be solved!
Pics are of trial of Prestige Boston CC

She looks incredibly pleased with the situation, eh?
She WAS standing square, then she twisted on her one leg so her RH is now twisted.
Another hind end picture ruined
Okay, so my skinny little mare has put on a ton of bum muscle and now has a pretty big butt.  However, the picture doesn't show her big-buttedness very well.... the saddle puts it into perspective a bit but it's a lot more impressive in real life :P

Wheee!  Low & somewhat wide (though it doesn't look it...)oxer time.
In fairness to my leg, I was mid-half halt.

I love how excited she looks about jumping!  Her enthusiasm makes it so much fun.

half-halting over the oxer so we don't crash through the bounce

Mid one-stride
Out over the bounce

Mid bounce!

Cantering a vertical... Cadence was pretty excited about this, and thus got a little strong. Hence my holding her back. Though by that time, I'm not really doing much and should have just released her over the jump.  Hindsight's always 20/20 though.
Nelly the barn cat.
A bit long but not bad
YAY! Held her to a deep spot.

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