Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas & Cadence Update

I hope everyone had a safe and happy christmas, and for those who don`t celebrate the holiday rest assured it`ll soon be over!
I was away for a few days (getting home late Christmas eve) so yesterday was the first time I saw my pony since her  vet appointment & the change up in her bandaging routine.  She`s been on a few hours of arena turnout, and has had her bandages off for a few hours each day too.  Her leg looked... big.  And she was dead hopping lame on it too when I trotted her out.  Oh mare.  Later when I cleaned the wound, the lameness made sense.  I scrubbed it with chlorhexadine as per the vet`s orders, and it began oozing puss.  Oozing isn`t intense enough... it was like somebody had turned on the faucet and puss was running from the wound.  The buildup in pressure would (I`d imagine) be responsible for quite a bit of pain, so at least her lameness made sense.  Unfortunately though this means that the pocket hasn`t been draining as we`d hoped so Cadence is back up to Milton tomorrow for another appointment with them. (the previous 2 have been with our local vet clinic)


  1. oh no, poor girl. Hope you had a good Christmas with your family before you came home to an owie horse.

  2. Same to you! It was lovely to get to see my baby on christmas, even if she was lame.