Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post Hunter & Dressage Lessons

Technically, we did really well at the hunter show.  We got 4, 5, and 6 competing against horses who actually knew what they were doing.  We (Mostly I) had some awful moments:
And we had some better moments:
(is it just me, or is this the smallest 2'6 course ever created?)
I know her form isn't 100%, but look: WE AREN'T OVER JUMPING!!!  With Cadence, I measure success in small doses.
I wasn't too impressed with her responsiveness.  She was borderline out of control.  She wasn't out of control, but she was as close as I've ever felt her.   I just was taken aback by how strong and unwilling to listen to my half-halts she was.  I think our next outing should be strictly dressage, so she gets jumping off the brain.  We almost cut a stride off of EVERY single line, which is sad since hunter distances are normally set long.
On Saturday, we had a fantastic dressage lesson.  We've really started into the first level stuff now.  We started real work on the lengthens and collection, and she was lovin' it!  Actually, she was sweating it since we had a mini-heat flash that DID NOT last!  Saturday was warm, and I've been wearing my winter coat ever since. I kid you not.

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  1. OMG! that first picture is scary. I am working with a horse/rider right now who do that, routinely. He has been excused from the local H/J shows. As in, don't let the door hit you.....
    The second picture is pretty, I love how she is using her neck.