Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Rare 'White Carrot'

I've had quite the time since returning from Kentucky.  When I returned, there was a message from my coach on the answering machine.  Last time I got one of those, she'd put her head through a window... so my hopes weren't too high.  These messages are always the same: she's fine, but...  It turns out that this time, my horse was in fact not engaging in any self-harm activities.  It was really just a couple of things that were outside of our control, but had combined to form a not ideal, yet totally treatable situation.  Cadence and I had a rather hard (not so much physically as mentally) jump school on Easter Monday, which was followed up by a really light dressage school Tuesday, before I headed down to KY.  The plan was for her to have Wednesday off, the BO would lunge her Thurs, and my coach would ride her Friday and Saturday.  However, apparently the Holsteiner in Cadence is showing up, as she appears to have grown, a lot!  I knew it was in there somewhere, it has just been bogged town by her decidedly stronger TB genes :P  The down side to this is that it seems to have had some negative effects on her, since all of her energy's gone into her recent growth spurt, and her work load wasn't taking that into consideration.  Hard to do when you didn't know it was happening.  She was just a bit stiff in the AM, and had a little muscle loss, but my coach skipped the rides in favour of an extra lunge instead.  Anyhow, she's lost a bit of muscle in her hind end, but everything else is back to normal, so for the next 2-4 weeks, she's on a bit of a modified schedule to build it back up.  Fine, totally manageable, but not what you want to come home to.
I haven't ridden her since last Tues, because I got home @ 2am Monday morning, and yesterday she should have had her spring shots.  I'm heading out tonight to check on her after yesterday, and hopefully (as long as she's up to it) hop on her back for a light (probably w/t) dressage school.  The w/t is to practice for our first show... which brings on a whole new set of issues, as the show we want to go to doesn't have w/t classes.  On top of that, I have an enormous amount of schoolwork to complete before Friday, including a french test tomorrow that is on a/several topic(s) I am not sure I've learned yet. 
This stress/work load combination has put me in a bit of a bad mood, so today when I was working in the library I overheard a (rather loud) discussion between two girls that really didn't improve my current views on life and humanity.  To set the background, one of these girls had a carrot shaped plastic bag thingy full of orange jelly beans left over from Easter.  This prompted a discussion about white carrots.  'That's odd...' I though to myself  'I've never heard of a white carrot.  White pumpkins, parsnips, and.... oh, parsnips.  I wonder if they realize... ah well.  I'll leave them to their rare white carrot conversation.'  some people never cease to amaze me.  The myth of the  white carrot: solved!  The culprit: a parsnip.  Seeing it written out, it doesn't seem nearly as pathetic.  However, I can assure you that hearing two presumably legal adults (over 18) have a genuine discussion about "these rare white carrots" without them making the carrot-parsnip connection is really quite depressing.  Mildly hilarious, but still pathetic.
It should be noted that there is an off chance that they actually knew what they were talking abut.  Carrots can come in purple, yellow, orange, and white.  However, these are genetic hybrids and mutants.  There is no true white carrot, as far as my research has shown me.

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  1. Late growing horses can be a pain. Ali bought a nice 3 yr old, 16h TB two years ago. He spent the last 2 years tripping over his own feet, legs all different lengths. He is now 5, 17h and finally starting to muscle up and get coordinated. *sigh* He had looked like an early maturing well developed 3yr old. Fool ya every time. Cadence should fill back out quickly, being in work helps. The white carrots is hysterical. And you have a new look to the blog - I like it.