Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Busy Bee...

But then again, what else is new.  I rode Cadence for the first time in... almost a week.  However, it was also her second ride in two weeks.  The cut on her shoulder seems to be doing pretty well, knock wood.  There's still a lot of swelling, but I think most of that is probably from the impact of the kick, versus infection.  Her neck has also settled at long last. 
When I rode her yesterday, we started out with a light lunge in the indoor.  Then, after hopping on and (briefly) working on our hunterness in the walk and trot, we headed to the outdoor for the first time ever.  She was quite good!  Came on the contact quick and easy, but she wasn't supple and bending.  It was more 'i'll do this because it's what you're asking' than anything.  Her lack of interest in bending was slightly alarming, because it's so not her.  However, it started to drizzle so we went back inside and she had no qualms about bending in there.  Apparently it's just a case of outdoor excitement.  Our plans for the next little while include her first XC school on May 23, and her first show (dressage w/t tests) on may 29!
Cadence had today (and will have tomorrow) off, so Arty got the pleasure of filling her absence.  He's looking pretty good weight wise, bordering on too skinny!  Not there yet, but it is a possibility.  Muscularly though, he fails.  I didn't have enough time to ride by the time I'd caught and groomed, so we longed.  He wasn't even able to canter, so he's even more out of shape than I'd previously thought.  Poor pony.  Tomorrow he gets an even harder workout.  W/T/C dressage style.  Contact and frame and...tigers, oh my!

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