Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bend AND Give?

No, never.  Bending and giving is waay too much work for the mare, even at the walk. 
Just inc ase you haven't caught on yet, cadence was VERY stiff yesterday.  I'm hoping that this was just from her needles, and maybe a little too much time off.  She was also heavy in the hand.  Well, heavier than usual.  That is, she was heavy for the 5 minutes of our 20 + minute ride in which she was soft and supple, and on the contact.  I didn't even bother to canter, because if we can't get it in the walk, let alone the trot I don't want to know what the canter would be like.  Baby steps, we'll get there.  Oh, I forgot to add the worst part: I bumped into the draws and actually really used them, but still no give.  Please god let this just be vaccine-related stiffness.
On other notes:
1)Cadence's whole schedule has been rearranged to afford for some BO (Barn Owner/manager/awesomeness) aided conditioning. 
2) In accordance to the above, I'm getting lunge lessons!  Like teach Katie how to longe the mare so that  the two of them both get a serious workout lunge lessons :P  I'm so lucky to have an awesome barn manager.  Seriously, she's amazing.
3) Our first show has been moved due to ease of trailering and closeness things, so Cadence and I'll be rocking the walk trot tests on May 29th.  It seems so close, yet so far away... that came out cheesier than intended.  I'm psyched to start her show career, and a little nervous at the same time.  I know she'll be awesome, but if we don't place in a walk trot class, I'll be seriously depressed.
4) Caitlyn, Cadence's old owner/breeder, sent me foal pictures!!!!! I'll post them ASAP.  She's fricken adorable, and looks just like (a skinnier version of) her mother.  They both have the same star, Cadence's is just smaller.
5) Cadence really has grown.  A lot.  Yesterday I had her in the crossties outside of Zee's (My coach's horse) stall.  Cadence and Zee used to be about equal in height, but cadence now comes up to the top of my nose, and Zee's squarely at my chin.  I think she's grown over 1/2 a hand!  Should I be worried that I'm using facial features as a form of measurement? 

Note: I do sincerely apologize for never editing my posts.  I will, one day I will.  However, that dat is not today.  As I write this, I should be studying for the test I have next period; especially since that test is on something I haven't learned yet.  Yay for procrastination!


  1. I rode one like that this morning. Frustrating!

  2. I don't even use facial features for measuring. I stick with can I see over their back or not?