Thursday, April 14, 2016

How To Make Your Farrier Hate You in One Easy Step

1. Have your mare spring the heel of her shoe on a regular basis. Like 4 farrier visits in 2 weeks regular. And by spring the heel, what I really mean is overreach and twist off the heel of the shoe so that it's a dangerous, mangled mess but leave the rest of the shoe perfectly intact & all the nails in so securely that nothing short of sawing her foot off is going to remove that shoe.
Also it's advisable to own a horse who  overreaches like mad no matter how you trim her feet & hates bell boots and tries to take them off every time you put them on so that there's basically absolutely nothing you can do to stop her destroying shoe after shoe after shoe.
She's lucky she's pretty.

Don't know what my arms are doing, but the shoulder in looks good!