Monday, July 8, 2013


Wow, I just booted up my laptop for the first time in almost 3 weeks! Between funerals, graduation ceremonies, weddings, and the trips & travel time required to make it to all of those, I've had a busy few weeks.  On top of that there was the stress of moving Cadence, and then on Saturday she went and cut open her hoof, creating a nice deep gash on her coronet.  Oh mare.
Second fence on our Novice xc course
Since I've taken zero time to keep up my 'Cadence diary' of late, let me do a quick fill-in.  Cadence ran around a few Entry (BN) level events this spring to get her xc confidence through the roof, and then two or three weeks ago we (re)upgraded her to Pre-Training (N) and she stormed around that xc course! Hopped up the bank, plowed through the half-coffin, conquered the bending brush line, and didn't hesitate at the awkwardly placed jump that was invisible until you were 2 strides away. What's even better? We ran around xc with more control than I think we've ever had! I could balance her by sitting up, turn by shifting my weight, and slow down with a little (okay, maybe not always quite so little...) half-halt.  Go mare! Our dressage is still a bit rough... scoring high 50's when the winners tend to be mid-high 40's.... but the potential's there, she's just getting excited/frazzled/bossy before we even enter the ring. So we're playing around with warm-ups to try and find something that works.
Classy pony scoffing at 3'11 during our last ride at the old barn.
(I swear, my elbows don't normally look like that!)
In other news, Cadence is settling in well at the new barn.  We've had 2 lessons, and things seem to be going well. I still miss our old farm like crazy, but we'll adjust! We're also heading out for a xc school tomorrow, which should boost our spirits a bit ;)