Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bad Blogger Video Dump

Long time no see. I'm still alive, riding constantly, and showing several fun ponies right now in all kinds of different shows. Even hunters & breed shows! Oh, and I bought a 3 y/o OTTB too- she was too good to pass up. Cadence has been having a stelar show season, and seems to have really hit her stride. Here are some videos from yesterday's XC school:

Aqueduct & skinny angled rail question
You can't really see it, but there's a clump large wooden mushrooms placed right where you'd need normally ride to the skinny rails, so you have to make this insane turn that makes them all the more challenging! Or jump the mushrooms ;)

Drop to chevron

Terrifying ditch & brush

A little note on the 'so much better' comment at the end- our first run through the water (which wouldn't upload because it's too long) was a little on the quick and sloppy side. I tried to set her up a bit deep to the first fence (which is how you normally want to jump into water), and instead she chose to take off a stride early & go for the long spot. I'd have been fine with it if we were out on course, because she jumped and it wasn't unsafe, but we were just schooling yesterday. When we're schooling, we're there to get everything perfect so that we have the tools in place for when we are out on course!

That's it for the videos, because the rest are too long to upload.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my poor forgotten blog- hope to see you again soon!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

How To Make Your Farrier Hate You in One Easy Step

1. Have your mare spring the heel of her shoe on a regular basis. Like 4 farrier visits in 2 weeks regular. And by spring the heel, what I really mean is overreach and twist off the heel of the shoe so that it's a dangerous, mangled mess but leave the rest of the shoe perfectly intact & all the nails in so securely that nothing short of sawing her foot off is going to remove that shoe.
Also it's advisable to own a horse who  overreaches like mad no matter how you trim her feet & hates bell boots and tries to take them off every time you put them on so that there's basically absolutely nothing you can do to stop her destroying shoe after shoe after shoe.
She's lucky she's pretty.

Don't know what my arms are doing, but the shoulder in looks good!